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Do you think about starting a business because you dislike your job and/or want to reap the rewards of your effort?

Do you have a business and it is not doing as well as you want?  

We work with you using our comprehensive and structured process with the DPIE Model TM

We help you:

  • Determine what activities are needed 

  • Create an Master Plan to organize the activities 

  • Provide information, documents, and resources

  • Provide accountability to keep you moving forward

Dale has used over 30 years of business ownership and corporate world knowledge, skills, and experiences to help you create your journey to business owner or identify gaps and issues to resolve. This website has information available to everyone and there are products and services available to fit your needs. 

Dale wrote a book called - Work Yourself Out of a Job - Take Control of Your Destiny and Reap the Rewards You Desire. The book is the best way to consolidate the wide variety of information for starting your business. 

Do Not fall for marketing cliches such as "Get Rich Quick", The 7 Secrets to Start a Business", or others. Starting a proper business is going to take some time, effort and resources. How much will depend on the type and size of the business and your knowledge, skills, and experience.  

Additional businesses:

Accountability system - provide an online system to help Leaders (coaches, trainers, teachers, etc) help their clients accomplish their goal. We can also help individuals with their goal.    (Click on picture for website)

Accountable Partner by Dale Tyson

Keep In Touch - provide an online marketing tool to create customized greeting cards and send via postal mail to clients, family, friends for a more personal connection. Use for Nice to Meet you at ..., Congratulations on ..., Thank you for ..., Happy ..., or any purpose. Great to be remembered. 

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I host a Meet Up Group for people to get and share information. This includes Houston area personal meetings.

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